Dr. Susan Kowalsky


A Doctor Specializing in Natural Medicine
for Cancer and Chronic Medical Conditions

Susan B. Kowalsky, ND
N A T U R O P A T H I C   P H Y S I C I A N

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Dr. Kowalsky, Naturopathic Physician

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Dr. Kowalsky, Naturopathic Physician

Aging – Memory and Cognitive Function

Dr. Kowalsky recognizes the impact of cognitive issues that arise with aging; from the inconvenience of common "senior moments" to the more detrimental effects of progressive memory loss and chronic neurological conditions.

Dr. Kowalsky has a broad range of experience with non-toxic protocols that have been shown to slow cognitive decline, improve memory and reduce the oxidative damage associated with neurological diseases.



Dr. Kowalsky, Naturopathic Physician